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Welcome to Galbanum Company limited.


It is said that, “a healthy nation is a winning nation’ and thus is for us as a nation to build on our physical quality of our productive labour. We must as a matter of urgency and policy begin to introduce the ancient traditional practices of natural spices. With globalization, preference for “artificial” spices and industrialized cubes has taken the taste over the natural spices grown in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Our forests are filled with numerous plants whose flowers, seeds, leaves and barks offer a wide range of herbs spices, seasonings and healing remedies.

Tetrepleura tetraptera which is popularly known as “prekese” in twi language is a species of flowering plant in the pea family native to western Africa. It’s unfortunate that we are forgetting the wealth of prekese as a medicinal plant.

The plant tetrepleura tetraptera (Prekese) is used as a spice, medicinal and as a dietary supplement. The sweet fragrance of prekese is highly valued by most Ghanaians. When dried, broken into pieces and burnt like incense, it is believed it ward off bad and evil spirits. The smell is so strong that any passerby knows that somebody is cooking with or burning prekese. For this reason it is a symbol of power.

Research has also shown that, prekese fruit contain some minerals like Protein, Vitamin C, Calcium ,Iron, zinc, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, lipids Terpenoins and some phytochemical compounds like Alkaloids, Saponins, Phlobatannins, Tannins, Flavanoids, Cardiac glycosides, Phenolic.

The plants has also some medicinal properties for managing some diseases such as Hypertension, Asthmatic attacks, Type 2 diabetes,  Cholesterol reduction, Encourages milk flow in lactating mothers, Increases potency in men, Obesity, Fibroid, Inflammatory conditions, Arthritis, Rheumatoid pains, Heart diseases and many more.

On that note, Galbanum Company limited has come to fill that void. Galbanum Company Limited (GCL) is specialized in processing of prekese fruit into power/spices, tea and wine. The prodcts has gone through the necessary processes by the Food and Drugs Authority and other Authorities of Ghana.

Galbanum Company Limited is located near Eastern Regional Ghana National Fire Service at Effiduase-Koforidua in the New-Juaben Municipal Assembly of Ghana. 

Currently, the company has three brands of products, thus Gal prekese powder, Gal tea and the Prekez wine.

The Gal prekese powder/spice is package in a120ml pet container with a green lid and a label. It is nicely sealed with a safety shrink cup in order to make it safe and secured and finally packed in cartons.

Gal prekese tea is the brand name given to the tea. It is also package in a 220ml pet container with a green lid and a label. It is nicely sealed with a safety shrink cup in order to make it safe and secured and finally packed in cartons.

Prekez wine is the brand name given to the wine. It is nicely bottles in 750ml glass bottle with a wine cork, shrink-cupped to make it secured and nicely labeled.